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Green Cotton Series

11,000 JPY

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You can enjoy a reversible combination of plain or polka-dots. Material: 100% cotton cover, polyester core, EVA resin pads Size: Body 21.3 inches x 30.7 inches (54 cm x 78 cm) String: 68.1 inches x 2.8 inches (173 cm x 7 cm) Weight: 1.3 lbs (600 g) ************************************** As of July 7th, 2021, the US Dollar/Japanese Yen Exchange Rate is 1 dollar=109 yen. Please use this rate as a relative reference. Onbumocco is not responsible for any import taxes or tariffs. Please consult your country's regulations. ************************************** Onbumocco's Eight, Unique Features
 1. Allows you to share your own experiences with your child 2. Multi-functional design 3. Ergonomic design 4. Its high, close position encourages child development through non-verbal communication and a reassuring feeling of safety 5. Adjustable sizing 6. 100% natural, machine-washable(with laundry net), cotton exterior 7. Strong and safe- no buckles, clips, or rings 8. Easier to use than you imagined after you get used to it

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